Thursday, February 24, 2011

Welcome Big Shoppers!

Finally my dream to have an online business came true. This small business is a partnership between 3 friends , Rima - Cikgu Siti Hajar & Shana. I was visualizing doing this business years back and was talking about it to my studio partner Kak Siti since last year. Finally 3 weeks ago , I really put my mind to it and worked my way to setting up this new business. I'm very lucky to have Kak Siti as a business partner as she shares my passion & dreams. I'm also extremely glad to have Shana *our student from Sabah* on board as a business partner. I think we'll be good partners as all of us have huge passion in plus-size fashion. Thank You to the Al-Mighty for making it possible for us.

For our plus-size family , friends & readers,,,,,,hopefully you'll find something you like here....

Please wait for our first collection of beaded & embroidered & laced jeans soon. They'll be available is size 36 - 38 - 40. In future we hope to cater beautiful jeans  & other garments with lace - embroidery  & bead work in much much larger sizes.

Below are the sneak preview of the jeans that will be available for you to purchase soon. Price ranges from RM150 - RM350. As a person who loves wearing beaded - embroidered & laced jeans......I can personally tell you that the price we offered is very reasonable.

We're starting small and hope that the business will grow....and grow....and grow....with your support , I'm sure it will happen *wink*.
Happy shopping soon!
~ Big But Beautiful Boutique ~


  1. congrats Rima!

    lets exchange link

  2. congrats gal..
    keep doing what is best for yourself and all the big size ladies like me.. semoga suksesss..

  3. Elly & Umi - TQ for being the first to support me. Tengah takut ni , dunno if I can do it or not.....hoping for the best! Thanx darlings :-)

  4. good luck rima darling... all the best!!! im always here to support you! insyaAllah....